Blog For Us


‘Re-‘ blogs are comments or questions about something that is going to happen, has happened, or just a general observation or problem you are mulling over at the moment that has something to do with cultural repetition – i.e. involves some kind of consciously shared iterative practice.

They are interdisciplinary – in other words, a space for sharing insights from a discipline, field, or subject for those outside it; and a place for saying something that doesn’t always fit our current separate categories and concepts.

If wishing to write a blog to coincide with an event, you can request a particular publication slot up to one year in advance.

Posts should be between 600 and 800 words, and include an image (we can help you with that). A series of posts can be proposed, if needed.

The steps:

  1. Send a short proposal for a blog post or make preliminary enquiries to Clare L. E. Foster at, or Satinder Gill at, or Lars Harald Maagerø at
  2. The editorial team meet on alternate Mondays to discuss proposals (next meetings Nov 2nd, Nov 16th, Nov 30th etc). If accepted, an individual editor will be assigned, and a publication date agreed between author and editor.
  3. First drafts and author bios (50 words) are due from authors by the Monday before publication, plus a preferred image or images (so rights can be cleared).