Blog For Us


‘Re-‘ blogs are interdisciplinary. They can be about something that is happening, has just happened – a review of an event, or a book, an encounter, place or thing – or a general question or observation you have long wanted to share. Think of yourself as sharing insights from your own field for the benefit of those outside it.

Whether you are talking about the social impact of the paperback, algorithmic biases, the changing meanings of the red poppy in 21st century Britain or the changing uses of the label ‘Romanus’ in 1st century Spain or the cultural values encoded in numerical data, you are telling your readers about a fact, detail, or phenomenon in order to bring out the wider questions, observations, or issues it raises.

If you find the ideas we are discussing relevant to your own work or experience, please get in touch ( Posts should be between 600 and 800 words, and include an image (we can help you with that). A series of posts can be proposed, if needed.

The steps:

  1. Send a short proposal for a blog post to the editors at, identifying the main point(s) it would make.
  2. The editorial team meet on alternate Mondays to discuss proposals (next meetings July 22nd, August 5th, August 19th). If accepted, an individual editor will be assigned, and a publication date agreed between author and editor.
  3. First drafts and author bios (50 words) are due from authors by the Monday before publication, plus a preferred image or images (so rights can be cleared).

For inquiries about scheduling specific slots in advance contact Francesca Root [] or Clare L. E. Foster [].